LOVE more FEAR less


I’m not sure why, but we are so afraid to say how we feel or do what makes us happy.  Fear and rejection has taken over our excitement for love and happiness.  I know I have been hurt in past relationships, and unfortunately that guides how I am in new relationships.  I try to not carry the hurt and fear with me, but its there.  I try to be open and say what I’m feeling, but fear tells me not to.  If you say how you feel, you’ll push them away.  If you act like yourself, they’ll think you are weird.  There are so many things that cross my mind on a daily…hourly basis.

I used to be a very lovey person, I’d hug everyone and anyone!  Now, I shy away from hugs and physical touch because the more I let people in my space, the more they could hurt me.  This might sound silly to you, but it’s the truth for me.  Deep down, when I see someone I love and care about, I want to jump in to their arms, kiss their face and spin in circles!  Why?  Because I love them!  Why don’t I do this?  Fear.  Fear they don’t feel the same, fear they do but don’t want to show it, fear that someone will see us and think its weird.  Fear.

Fear is killing LOVE.  I don’t want to be afraid to LOVE.

I am going to try to be my old self and LOVE MORE!  I ask you to do the same!  Smile, hug, shake hands, make eye contact, complement and uplift each other instead of beating each other down and causing more fear and hatred.

I always say it, and I really do mean it…I love LOVE!  Do you?


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