Here is another old post from last year…  Enjoy.

I and don’t worry, I’m not doing the online dating thing again.  Been there done that…a few times and I’m over it!



A little personal post from Lindsay…
So I’m 34 years old (34 1/2 actually) and I have decided that I would give the ol a try…again.  Rewind about 6 years and 3 states…  I was living in Memphis TN and I didn’t know many people outside of my circle of friends and church family so I thought in regards to dating I’d try the online thing.  I had a few odd dates, one guy spent more time in the bathroom than actually on the date with me.  Not really sure I want to know why.  Another guy was NOT the person in the photos, or maybe they were old…or photo shopped… who knows!  And good ol “third times a charm” really was a charmer.  He was sweet and tough all wrapped in one.  But little did I know he had a lot hiding under that sweet/tough smile.  We dated for about a year, we had our ups and downs but all in all it was good and felt like it was going to last and prove all the people who said online dating is crap, wrong!  …Well a year in, I was told I was loosing my job in Memphis, but was being offered a transfer to CA…  Talked to the “match” and he said, “oh that sounds like a good opportunity for you, take the job”.  I moved to CA….so we broke up.
Until now, I have despised the idea of online dating because well, it didn’t end in finding my forever love, it ended with me having a broken heart, again.  I’ve done the “live” dating, where you meet someone “organically” whatever that means… and have had the same kind of success…weirdos, and broken hearts…
I decided it was time to try this online thing again one bored Saturday night.  So $150 and a couple weeks in… I’ve talked to some nice guys.  I went on a date with someone who I thought, WOW this guy really has his sh!t together!  A couple weeks later and some text messaging… I get “you are sweet, but I don’t think this is going to workout”.  Should have seen that one coming.  Story of my life.  I am sweet, that is who I am.  

So here starts my journey…again…
I am trying to meet people who have similar beliefs as I do, and that really for seriously want to get married and have a family with ME, not with someone eventually maybe….
I know he is out there, maybe I already know him, who knows…

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