Check List – Part Dos

Yesterday I posted a blog that I had written last February. It was about dating, and the list of things that I wanted in a person. I have to say, this spurred some conversations and I realize I have changed since February 2015. Even just a year ago, I had already changed quiet a bit from where I was the year prior. We all change as we grow and learn more about ourselves and others. Change is not a bad thing if you take the knowledge you learn and use it to better yourself and your situation. Not saying people should try and change each other, but we ourselves learn something and make the change. Anywho…back to what I was going to write about!

When I said something along the lines of “they don’t have to be GQ, cause I prefer tattoos and a Harley”…What I’m saying here is. I don’t want someone fake. Fake as in trying to be someone they are not. Not all GQ looking guys are fake, and not all tattooed Harley riders are real. I get that. I think there are a lot of very well dressed REAL men out there, and a lot of people trying to fit in and be something they are not just because that is what is “cool” at the moment, ie.. hipsters, bikers, beards, tattoos, big booties, skinny jeans….the list goes on. If you truely love those looks, and it makes you happy, then rock it! 

I am sure I have fallen in to the trap of trying to be cool at some point in my life. But honestly…its tiring. I’d rather be 100% me and have you love that, then fall in love with something I’m not, or hate me because I’m not allowing you to see my true self. I think we all strive to be loved/liked by the people around us, even strangers to some point. If the people we surround ourselves with love and care for us, then we are in a safe honest environment we can be who we truly are. If we are surrounded by lies, we become the lie or hide our truth to fit in and not stand out in fear of being rejected.

So when it comes to a list of things I want in a partner. The only thing I truly want is someone who is HONEST. Honest with me, themselves and those around them. If they are who they say they are you know their love, trust and word is real. Honesty isn’t just going around telling people the truth in a harmful way, its about caring for people so much that you’d rather tell them the truth than hurt them. So if the truth is hard, you tell them gently. So that’s my list. HONEST. I have learned that honesty comes in many packages, but yet is hard to find a genuine fit.  


Moral of the story, be YOU, be HONEST and don’t let those around you influence you in a negative way. Instead, try to be a positive example in whatever you do. And be open, everyone is different, you never know what you might find you like or can’t live with out if you just give someone a chance.


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