Check List

For as long as I can remember I have had a check list of what I wanted in my future husband.

Loves ME

Good person

Tall – I like heals

Strong – physically and emotionally!




Close in age – a couple years either way

….the list goes on…


When filling out my Match profile I put I was looking for someone who was between 31-35 years old, 6+ ft tall, Christian, non smoker, minimal drinker, likes cats (animals), wants kids, wants to be married….. yada yada yada…


For the most part Match listened and those were the people that it would show me for my matches.  Occasionally there was someone who was way out in LEFT FIELD for what I said I was interested in…so they got the X and moved on to the next potential match.  And every now and then I’d get a message from someone that said they were interested in me, or that I was in their daily matches.  Cause you see, just cause I’m looking for one thing and it shows me what I’m looking for, it also is showing guys people that they are looking for, even if they DON’T MATCH…  I would look at their profile and then decide if I’m going to respond or not based on what I can read about them or the photos they post.  (We’ve talked about this before…HAHA)


Through this experiance I’ve really been trying to not limit myself so much to my check list as I have in the past.  I’m not lowering my standards, or compromising my values by doing this, I’m simply trying to not be so superficial.  Yes, I am guilty of judging someone based on how they look…not proud, but guess what, it happens!  I will be honest and say I want to be attracted to my partner!  I’m not saying they have to be a calendar model or right out of GQ cause, honestly I’d prefer tattoos and a Harley over a guy who is prettier than me.  There just has to be some sort of physical attraction, and when you are meeting someone online first impression is based on photos and a few sentences.

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I’ve gone on dates with a few guys that I probably normally wouldn’t have had I met them on the street or in a bar…  These guys were nice, good looking, maybe not quite what I’ve pictured in my dreams…but still good people and enjoyable to be around.  Thankfully this time around I haven’t had too many crazies…or at least haven’t met up with any!! 

Lists are a good thing to have to guide you to what you are looking for…I am also trying to not limit myself too much as I don’t want to miss out on a great love, life or adventure! 

Be open, love one another & give people a chance 🙂 

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