Manic Monday? On a Thursday!

This post is from one year ago, still applies!  Find the positive in life and roll with it!  🙂

It’s been a week!  Good or bad…it’s been a week!

I am starting to think that when I lived on a Roller-coaster in 2001 that was God giving me a real life visual on how my life would go.  Up to the top then straight down in to the depths and darkness, then up a little and turn in a speeding circle, then back down, woop up a gain…. smile there is a camera!  errrrch now we are right back where we started, but a little confused on where we just were.  Old people out, new people in.  Ready set go, the coaster is off again!

533166_10150707583527312_2087666506_n 535772_10150707585047312_123152205_n

Some people enjoy the speed and ups and downs of life, others hang on for dear life!!


The lesson for today:  LIFE CHANGES just embrace it!



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