Confessions of an Over-Thinker

Here is another “throwback Tuesday”…is Tuesday a throwback day?  Always struggling with Over-Thinking but trying to be a bit more “go with the flow” so I thought this would be a good one to repost 🙂 
Edited a little from my original post on March 2, 2015


Do you over think EVERY THING?  I do!

New relationships are hard! I want to ask so many questions and say so many things, but I make myself hold back because I am so scared of asking the wrong question or saying the wrong thing!

What if I ask a question that upsets him? Or what if the question is OK, but the answer is not something I wanted to hear? What if I say something that pushes him away? What if all my questions are annoying? Do I talk too much, not enough? What if I say something to soon?

Again, I am probably over thinking the situation, but that is how I roll.



How do I move past the feeling of being left AGAIN and allow myself to relax and take things as they come.  I know I will be ok at the end of the day, I will be ok at the end of my life.  …still hard to not over think and stress about the little things, and the big things!  I have to remind myself multiple times a day that I am ok, I will be ok!

I am trying to be the real me on and off-line. I mean, I usually only take 4 or 5 selfies before I get one that I’m OK with posting…haha! But I try to stay true to who I am crooked nose and all 🙂


I feel like this bounced around a few times!  I’m not feeling well as I write this, I hope it has encouraged someone, made someone laugh, made someone reflect….at the very least I hope someone read it to the end!!  Haha!


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