2015 Was…

January 1st I asked 2015 to be nice to me… Over all I think we got along quite well.  There were happy moments, sad moments, days I want to relive & others I want to forget.  I think that is true every year.

Here are a few moments from this year…

Went on a “sister trip” and went rock climbing for the first time ever!

Saw my grandmother on my moms side for the first time in about 15 years.  

Did my first “Senior photo shoot” with a girl I’ve known since she was 6 I think?  Crazy!!

Helped photograph this lovely lady’s wedding!  

Got glasses!

Added some kitty paws to my collection.  Benefited the Spokane Humain Society. 

These two love birds celebrated 60 years of marriage!!  Best example of love and commitment I know!

Impromptu bachelorette party for my new Sis-in-law… Let’s not talk about the next day!  

Snuck in to the Lantern Festival and took some amazing photos!

Made some wedding jewelry with Grandma Ritz!

Successfully helped plan, decorate and photograph my brothers wedding!

And then immediately got on a plane for Guatemala!  #roomies    

Got kitty shoes!! 

Had custody of my Chevelle for the summer!  Love that car!!   

Quality time with my grandpas…  
Got a new job…  
Went to another kind of Lantern Festival…  

Saw a lumberjack…whos tree fell on his house in the crazy windstorm!

Drank wine from a boot…twice 

Got in some kitty snuggles with baby Dex…

Had a Merry Christmas with family!  

Looking forward to a Happy New Year!  2016 you have a lot to live up to!


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