I’ve been home now for 4 days.  I’ve talked about my trip to only a handful of people.  I’ve looked at the photos I’ve taken every day… So many special memories, so many amazing things.  I don’t have it in me to write about the entire trip quite yet.  I will post more photos and write in more detail soon.

Today I want to share this…

Carlito (42 of 1)

This is Carlito, he is a little boy who lives in Frontera, a small village outside of Puerto Barrios in Guatemala.  To you he looks like a normal healthy baby.  Smiles and laughes and loves his mother…  To me, I see a child who has a mother who is worried about him being able to walk as he grows.  You see, I was able to pray for Carlito and his mother last week.  Most of the prayer requests were for health or family, or the children.  Carlito’s mom slipped off his socks and showed me his feet.  His sweet precious feet… Carlito’s feet are turned and the bones are forming to where he may not be able to walk.  Here in the states this child would be able to get braces or therapy or surgery if needed…Here he gets PRAYER.

I don’t know what else I can do for this sweet child.  I held his feet and I asked God to heal his bones.  I will not forget about Carlito, I will pray for him every day.  These trips are not just about going to a village and helping a few people and then going home with pretty pictures and memories.  It truly is life changing.  Not just for the people who receive care, but for us who are able to serve these communities and the La Mision team that serves year round.

I hope I am able to go back and to see this child grow to be healthy and to run with the other children.  God is so Good!  He is our Healer!

Carlito1 (42 of 1)



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