2 Weeks from today…



2 weeks from today a team of 14 people will be heading to Guatemala City to spend 10 days serving the people of Guatemala.  We don’t know exactly what our trip will hold for us.  We have a general idea that we will be traveling to the villages in the jungle and serving the people of those villages.  But there is always an unknown aspect of trips like these.  We really have no clue what God has in store for us once we are there.

Please be in prayer for our team as we prepare these next 2 weeks, there is a lot going on in each of our lives and we need to do our best to stay focused.  Pray for our team while we are gone, as life continues up here in the states.  Pray our families are safe and well cared for while we are gone.  Safety for our team while we are down there.  Pray Pray Pray is the general request!

We are still a little short of our fundraising goals, I know we have all gotten the word out as much as we can, and people have given what they can and we are so very thankful!  If you are someone who can give more or give for the first time, we would be blessed by the gift!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and to pray and support our team!  I am anxious to head down there!  I know it is going to be hard and tiring, but I am so ready to see those smiling faces!


If you are able to give, please follow this link below…


Thank you again for your continued support!

Team photo from last year’s trip.


Much Love!

Lindsay Mae


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