A day of “firsts”

3 friends & a baby (well a 3 year old) headed off on a great adventure to ride the Hiawatha Trail.  We loaded up our bikes and hit the road!  We stopped for snacks, coffee and a some french fries for the kido.  Hit the road a little later than planned but hey, we were on an adventure day and time didn’t matter!

About 45 min in to our drive, somewhere outside of Kellogg, ID the truck started to sound different.  I was thinking to myself, that’s an odd sound…right then I looked over at the driver and he had a funny look on his face too.  I said, is that normal, he said, no…  We quickly pulled over, he hopped out and checked all the tires and everything looked fine.  Hopped back in put it in gear, hit the gas…….snap!

Me: was that the drive shaft?

Driver: Yep.

Thankfully our 3rd passenger has AAA and we were able to call a tow truck.  We had friends that were ready to come pick us up if we couldn’t all fit in the truck.  We were told a 2 hour window for the truck so we decided it was a good idea to start walking towards what looked like a fully functioning gas station and use the restroom.

2 ladies & a baby start down I90 Eastbound heading west.  We wait until there is a break in traffic and decide to RUN across the freeway to the side where said gas station is located.  We cross no problem, come to the other side, there is a barbed wire fence.  No problem, I’ve done the Warrior Dash, I got this fence!  ….it doesn’t give at all, they must have JUST put it in!  So on the ground I go!  Belly crawl under the fence, pass the baby over, second lady, belly crawl under!  Whoo hoo we made it!  Lets go see if they’ll let us use the potty.

The closer we get to this gas station, the more rundown it begins to look.  I see a sign in the window that is black and orange, like most Open/Closed signs but couldn’t make out the words….maybe I should have had my glasses on?  We keep walking.  There are cars in the lot, so we city girls thing “customers”, well it was more like “broke down lets leave the car here” kind of customers.  Every car had flat tires and had been there a WHILE!  Then the sign comes more clearly in to view…FOR SALE.  Well crap!

Just then we turn back to see what looks to be a tow truck pulling up to where we left the truck.  Is this our tow truck?  15 min is all it took, not 2 hours?  Really?  YEP!  Well some of us still had to pee!  So in to the drain ditch we go!  Back under (baby over) the barbed wire fence, run across I90 again!

Jim, the tow truck driver said he told AAA that he was just down from us and would be there in 15 min!  AND he could take all of us, including a car seat!  AAA never called us to give us this update.  On one hand I wish they had, but on the other hand I would have never been able to say I’ve run across I90 in the middle of no where (near Exit 54 if you are wondering).  We loaded up and headed home!  We were telling Jim about our adventure to the “gas station” and he laughed and said that place has been closed for 30 years!  Ha!  Oops!

So we did not get to ride the Hiawatha Trail as planned, but we did get a full adventurous day!


– Run across I90 with a small child (x2)

– Ride in a tow truck

– Crawl under barbed wire not for a FUNdrun

All in all we had a fun day of hanging out with friends.

Ready for more adventures!






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