35 Things “to do” list!

Since this is my 35th year of life I think I should make a list of 35 things I would like to do and then I’ll blog about them once I’ve done them!

My birthday was July 7th, so I’m not too far in to the fiscal year to accomplish these things!  When I turned 30 I just decided to stop saying NO to things that scared me or were risky and new.  I ended up LOVING white water tubing so much that I got a tube, life jacket and webbed gloves!  That is something I would have NEVER done if I didn’t challenge myself to do so!  They may be things I’ve done before and want to do again, and they may be new!  We’ll see how this goes! Wish me luck!

35 things “to do” list!

(This list may change, vary or get longer as the year goes on)


1. Make a new friend (this may be harder than it sounds, I’m not as outgoing as some of you may think I am!)

2. Color an entire coloring book.  (yes I’m 5)

3. Dance in the rain!  (always wanted to, never have!  Bring on the rain!)

4. Make a snow angel.  (Done this many times, but not as an adult!)

5. Volunteer at an animal Shelter.  (Not sure why I’ve never done this, probably because I’ll save all the kitties!!)

6. Secretly pay for someone’s meal at a restaurant.  (Stay to see their reaction.)

7. Learn to run again.  (I used to do a mile no problem, I know that isn’t much to some, but for me it was huge!)

8. Jump off of something!  (Ha like in to the water or bungee jump or even zip line!)

9. Paint something.  (Not just the walls in my house!)

10. Learn to play the guitar.  (I have one just need to learn how to play it!)

11. Cook meals from scratch.  (Can’t be that hard people do it all the time!)

12. Try snowboarding!  (Purchased boots years ago with hopes of going and have yet to uses them!)

13. Ice-skate on a lake or pond.  (May have to hit up Canada for this one! …and include a trip to the Hot Springs!)

14. Road trip to somewhere new.  (This could be an adventure that could take care of a few items on this list!)

15. Dress up for Halloween with a group!  (THIS WILL HAPPEN!)

16. Learn my camera better.  (Not sure exactly what that will look like, but I’d love to know how to shoot and edit better in a year than I do now.)

17. Watch the sunrise/set or both from the top of a mountain.  (This will mean I’ll probably have to camp…)

18. Do a fun photo shoot! (As the subject & photographer.  Something creative not just a normal shoot!)

19. Learn to knit with needles.  (I currently knit, but with a loom)

20. Sing loud enough for people to hear.  (Even if it’s bad!)

21. Go snowmobiling.  (Emilie, I’ll need your help with this one!)

22. Draw in my free time.  (I know I’m making a big list of things to do and I think I’ll have FREE time?!)

23. Be an extra in a movie.  (I was the “lead” in a short film for a student project in Memphis, I was an extra for a film at the University of Memphis, and I was in a commercial as a child.  I think I can manage finding something here in town, they are filming all the time!)

24. Spend more time with family.  (Learn the old family stories & make new ones!)

25. Donate hats & scarfs to homeless/shelters.  (I have a lot of them and who better to receive them!)

26. Go one week with no social media.  (This will most likely happen a few times and I’ll just have to update you on how it goes each time I do it!)

27. Cut my shoe collection in half.  (Did I seriously just type that?)

28. Go to a Zoo.  (It’s been a few years since I’ve been to one, I don’t really count Cat Tails as a zoo…So I’ll have to travel for this one too!)

29. Drive a race car!  (Daddy can help me here, he works at Stateline Raceway, maybe he can sneak me in to a class!)

30. Ride my bike on the Centennial trail from Riverfront park to CDA.  (Did this as a kid, would be fun to do it again!  May need a more comfortable seat!)

31. GO TO MEMPHIS!  (This is a MUST!  I don’t know when or how, but I will get there within the next 12 months!)

32. Get my gun handlers permit.  (I have a gun, just need to learn how to use it!  Watch out!)

33. Bake a cake.  (Couldn’t tell you the last time I did this…or if I’ve ever really done this on my own.  This will be deliciously fun!)

34. Ride on a train.  (Other than Silverwood & Disney Land, I’ve never been on a train.)

35. Make someone feel loved.  (I hope I do this every day!  We all need to feel loved!)


These will not be done in any particular order, but I will update as they are completed as best I can!  And don’t worry, I won’t leave anyone out I’ll need people to participate from time to time in my adventures!



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