Guatemala 2015

I hope this letter finds you well!

Last year I was blessed with the opportunity to go to Guatemala with Eastpoint Church and La Mision.  On this trip we traveled to Guatemala City, visited Palencia, a school that is part of La Mision’s ministry.  We traveled to the “hot place” in Puerto Barrios, a drive that normally takes about 6-8 hours took about 12!  Picture this, 5 lanes of traffic all going in the same direction on a 2 lane road in 100 degree weather in GUATEMALA!!!  We made the best of it and Dr. Tito with La Mision got us some fresh tortillas from one of the restaurant/homes on the side of the road.  Delish!  Once we got to Puerto Barrios, we went out to 2 different villages.  The first village was a place that La Mision has visited many times before.  They are always happy to see us!  The second village, Santa Maria Del Mar, was a first time visit.  They welcomed us with open arms and were so kind.  They were very thankful to have such a group come to them and provide the medical services that they needed.

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(at Palencia with the kids for worship)

While in the villages, I was a Dental Assistant.  This was something I thought I could never do!  I asked to be an assistant for the first village so that I could challenge myself!  I am very glad I did it!  I learned that I could handle a lot more than I thought!  Now don’t get me wrong, it was HARD!  I almost threw up a few times actually!  Lots of prayer and slow deep breaths!  Ha!  But to see the faces of the people getting work done when it was over, pure joy!  They knew that a few moments of pain would be all worth it in the end.  As a dental assistant I brought the clean utensils, filled shots, got the proper tools for fillings and even held hands while they were getting their teeth pulled!  There were so many times that I wanted to walk away and say no more, but I pushed through and even worked as an assistant at the second village.



(Sarita’s dental clinic setup)

When I said I wanted to go on this trip last year, I really only knew the fun things that happen on these trips.  Play with kids, stay at a nice hotel with a pool, meet fun new people that become lifelong friends…I really didn’t prepare for the REAL work!  This year I am ready!  I know it will be a different trip, as they are all so very different.  But I know I can do whatever God puts in front of me because he has called me to do it!  The tools, the people, the support are all there, but most important God is there!



(This little girl’s name is Lindsay, just like me!  Was such a sweet girl and meeting her was a blessing right when I needed it!)

What I am asking of you is to PRAY!  I know the money will come in.  If you would like to support financially that is also a huge help!  I know that God will provide!  We are raising money as a team as always!  Our trip at this time will cost $2500 per person.  I have no doubt that God will provide!  He already has!

So much love for you all!!

Lindsay Mae


If you would like to give online, here is the link:

Or you can mail a tax deductible check to:

Eastpoint Church

Attn: Guatemala Team – Lindsay Ritz

15303 E Sprague Ave Ste A

Spokane Valley, WA


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