Mission Trip!

I first want to thank you for taking the time to read my letter!

When I first heard about this trip I thought, Oh that sounds nice.  Then 3 people in about 10 minutes asked me why I wasn’t signed up for the Mission Trip!  I said that I would think it over and pray about it and let them know.  Honestly I was quite nervous to step out of my comfort zone!  I’m quite fond of my American living and all of the conveniences we have here and I’m not afraid to admit that!  But I also know that I’m being called to stretch myself this year, and what better way to do that than serve others in an area where I’ll have to “hover”… J

I went home from church that day and called my mom, who has been on this same trip a few years prior.  As soon as the words came out of my mouth that I was thinking about it she said, GO!  Well I guess I got my answer!  So now I’m GOING!!

I am very excited about my upcoming trip to Guatemala in August.  On this trip we will be traveling to Guatemala City, and then driving 8 hours in to the jungle.  Once we are in the “Hot Place” as they call it, we will be assisting a team of medically trained professionals.  We will be working in a dental clinic, a pharmacy, there will be a prayer room and a place to play and interact with the village children.

I would like to ask you and your family to be praying for our entire team.  We have a team of 12 people from EastPoint Church in Spokane that will be traveling down together.  We will be meeting up with a team of people who live in the city and work with the villagers on a daily basis.  We will all need prayer for our health, safety and our travel time.

I think it is pretty cool that we are raising money as a team!  We just did a craft fair, and though we may not have been successful in dollars, we had a great time building our relationships with each other and got to spread the word a bit about our trip!  We have a few more fundraisers planned for the next few months before we head out, so please pray that they are successful in whatever way God wants them to be!  Our team is currently 12 people from our church, and the cost for our team to go down is going to be about $30,000, that means I need to try and raise about $2,500.  But the nice part is we are doing this TOGETHER!   I’m not just raising money for myself; I’m raising money for my friends and teammates to go with me!  I know that times are hard, and there are so many people asking to donate for this cause or that… I’d be HONORED to have your support in prayer and if you feel you can, financially.  Because there are so many of us on this team, I KNOW we will raise the money!  And because we have such an AWESOME God, I also KNOW we will raise the money!  Please do not feel pressured to give financially, but please be in prayer for our team, and for me as we travel to a place where we may not always be comfortable with our surroundings.

I have chosen to send this letter to you because you are a part of my life, whether I see or talk to you every day or once a year!  Know that you are always in my heart and my prayers wherever we are on the map of life!

Thank you!!

Much Love!



If you’d like to donate online, here is the link….

www.eastpointchurch.com/give-online/; You will have to create an account, select One-time Gift, then Other and enter Guatemala and the team member’s name in the Description field on the payment page.


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